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Day 19: Elodie Farms, Rougemont, North Carolina

I'm not sure if there's a heaven, but if there is mine looks a whole lot like Elodie Farms in Rougemont, North Carolina.
Upon arriving at Elodie, you'll spot Sandra and Ted's 1910 farmhouse (I can't believe I forgot to take a photograph - think the house in The Notebook) and a herd of almost 80 goats and one donkey with names like Frank, Apricot, and Mary Poppins wandering around, eating tree branches and getting into goaty mischief.
Sandra Vergara, a Biologist, and Ted Domville, a Chef and restauranteur, bought Elodie Farms in 2016 and since then started a dairy that produces delicious goat cheeses they sell at local farmers markets like the Durham Farmers Market. Elodie also hosts Farm Dinners on the property once a month - 5 course meal + playing with goats = #WINNING.
Rob and I are crazy for goats and had so much fun watching them play and cuddle up to their human Mom and Dad. We especially bonded with Frank, the bowtie aficinado and JoJo, the donkey who thinks he's a goat.

Elodie was the last stop on our Farmingmoon and we got in a great Bet The Farm episode interviewing Sandra and Ted. Thanks Elodie Farms for everything!

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