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Day 6: Stream Farm, Somerset, England

Driving through the English countryside is unlike any drive we've ever experienced. The trees and shrubs are grown high and tight to the road, and your car starts to feel like it's shooting through a green tunnel. That is, until it opens up to Stream Farm in Somerset - 250 acres of beautiful hilly vista, dotted with a few farm buildings and homes.

Owners James and Henrietta Odgers have developed a 'Share Farm,' a farming incubator that works with aspiring farmers, often families and individuals with little to no farming experience, and in a matter of 1-2 years turns them into experts in their field. Pigs, sheep, beef, chickens, eggs, trout, honey, cider and spring water are all run off of Streamfarm land and under the Streamfarm brand, but each branch is still "owned" by the individual farmer running their respective operation, sharing the gross income with the Farm.

After their time at Stream Farm, many of the farmers go off to start their own businesses in which they continue to use and teach the sustainable practices they've learned, and continue to grow the overall Stream Farm mission of rural rejuvenation. We were lucky enough to interview James Odgers for Bet The Farm, and you can now listen on Bet The Farm. 

Listen to our Stream Farm episode here  

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