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Day 13 (Part II): Bobo's Mountain Sugar, Weston, VT

Nestled in the green mountains of Vermont, Bobo's Mountain Sugar is a wood fired sugarbush ran by Tina Hartell and her husband Skye Chalmers. What's a sugarbush you ask? Well, for starters it definitely wins coolest name, but more importantly it's a maple syrup operation!

The bush itself is a forest of 2500 maple trees that during the early spring months start to run sap. A delicate dance of freezing nights and thawing days.

The process of sugaring is simple: collect sap, light a fire, cook it down. The machinery, however, is anything but simple - sap is collected through a web of sealed tubes that vaccum it through a reverse osmosis machine, removing around 8% of the water. Finally the sap reaches a pan to be cooked down, old school.

Bobo's wood fires are fueled by the timber on Tina and Skye's property and each glass bottle is filled by hand. The operation is small, but the product is big in flavor. Because they don't mix with other sugarbushes, Bobo's syrup taste adjusts to what's happening on Bobo's Mountain. The rain, soil and minerals all come together to make a perfect brew of sweetness. 
Rookies, bring your pancakes, we'll be over here drinking our maple from shot glasses like champions! 

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