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Day 13 (Part I): Ironwood Farm, Ghent, New York

We spent our morning at Ironwood Farm, an organic vegetable farm just outside Hudson, NY .
When I came across Ironwood a few months back (during an instagram rabbithole) I was really drawn to how honest and open they were about how they started their now 4+ year old farm. From their training to obtaining land and business loans, it says a lot about people when they not only go through the journey of entreprenurship, but also choose to share it with others, passing on their knowledge. We were lucky enough to sit down with one of the owners, Jenny, and interview her for the podcast - coming soon!

Ironwood is owned and operated by three female farmers which is pretty rad and inspiring - I know female farmers in the US is pretty common, especially in the small-scale farming movement, but here in the Middle East it's still a rarity so it felt like visiting my very own Themyscira (look it up). Thanks ladies for a fun morning!

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