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Day 16: Ozark Akerz, Ramseur, North Carolina

 After a day in Burlington, Vermont, we flew out to Raleigh-Durham for the last leg of our tour. First stop in North Carolina: Ozark Akerz, a sustainable farm and homestead owned by Mike Hansen and Sue Meyers. 

A brood of chickens, turkeys and guinea hens wander around the yard scratching and hunting for food while off in the distance horned brown and white patterned beauties graze in the field - Pineywoods, a rare heritage breed of cattle originally brought to the Americas by the Spanish in the 16th Century.

Pineywoods ran wild in the South for almost 400 years and as a result are highly resistant to disease, lovers of heat, and will forage brush and invasive weeds often ignored by other breeds such as kudzu.

After leaving their corporate jobs for country-life in 2014, Mike and Sue decided to "Graze Against The Machine" and raise their herd of wild-foraging Pineywoods for beef and breeding. Ozark Akerz is also entirely organic from the pesticide free vegetable garden to the non-soy organic feed fed to the chickens. 

Mike and Sue were so welcoming and sweet to us and within one afternoon we somehow managed to pack in a newspaper and TV interview, a Bet The Farm podcast recording, and a couple of burgers - Pineywoods of course!

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