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Together we share a love for nature, animals and growing food. Our dream is to build our own small farm that is ethically driven and a source of sustainability for our family and community.  

We met in 2015 tearing up the dance floor at a friend's wedding in Israel. Tracey was living in NYC and had a flight back the following day, so we decided to give our bi-continental long distance relationship a shot. Two years and many flights later, Tracey joined Rob in Israel where we currently rent a small house and lot-turned-backyard farm, and celebrated our wedding in May 2018.

rob ben or

Originally from St. Louis, Rob moved to Israel in 2010 and served in the IDF as a Paratrooper. Rob graduated from culinary school in Chicago and has worked in fine dining in Chicago and Tel Aviv. He currently works on an organic farm in central Israel, and at home is regularly taking care of necessary carpentry, heavy lifting and our irrigation system. Rob loves making kombucha, getting new tools, watching DIY videos and doing Crossfit. He truly believes in the specialness of building a life and home in Israel.

tracey ben or

Tracey is a creative entrepreneur and the visionary behind our transition into farm life.  She is often found starting and planting seeds, caring for our chickens, and mapping out new projects. Tracey has founded and managed several small businesses, including a wedding planning company she has owned since 2007, and has an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a Bachelors from Fordham University. She currently manages deliveries for a local organic farm and handles the production for Bet The Farm.